Atomic layer deposition system


A capacitive-coupling-type plasma source is installed, enabling the deposition of high-quality thin films at low temperatures. A wide range of materials can be deposited by using gases of various materials for ALD.

  • Superior Step Coverage
  • Precise Thickness Control
  • Pinhole-free
  • Low Damage

ALD method is a thin film deposition method realizing superior step coverage and film-thickness controllability. Even in the structure having high aspect ratio or complex 3D configuration, it is possible to form thin films controlled at the atomic level. In addition to the conventional benefit of ALD, AFALD ensures the deposition of high-density and high-quality films by enhancing the reactivity using a plasma precisely controlled in milliseconds order. This system can accommodate max. four metal precursors and max. three reactive gases, and by combining it with a proper transfer module, all your needs from R&D to massproduction can be met.

  • Product Features
  • Standard specification
  • ALD Principle
Product Features

Standard mounted CCP plasma source

  • Controllable in milliseconds for low-damage
  • stable deposition.

Wide range of option selection

  • Transfer system can be selected from manual loader to cluster module type loader.
  • The number of material vaporizers and reactive gases are selectable.
Item Full Cluster Type Compact Cluster Type Load-lock Type
Process Modules Max. 3 1 1
Transfer Robot W Arm Single Arm Linear Actuator
Load-Locks Max. 2 1 1
Sub Chambers Max. 2 Max. 2 None

Software that is powerful and easy to operate

  • Interface enabling the intuitive operation
  • Configuration function which can be set arbitrarily
  • Standard installed abundant log functions.

Easy maintenance by well-designed Inner-Chamber.

Designed for lower material cost

A unique patented vaporizer having excellent material consumption efficiency by controlling the feeding pressure is adopted.

Standard specification
Item Specification
Maximum substrate size φ200 mm
System dimensions (W×D×H) 600 × 1700 × 2060 mm
System weight Approx. 700kg
Reactor type Plasma, Thermal
Plasma generation method CCP 13.56MHz Max.1000W
Number of metal precursors Max. 4
Number of reactive gases Max. 3
(Mass flow controller)
Maximum substrate temperature 400℃ (Set value)
Vacuum pump Dry Pump (Suitable for chemicals)
Hot wall Standard feature
Piping heating Standard feature
(Individually controllable)
Pressure control Auto Pressure Control valve (APC)
(Pressure in each room can be controlled individually.)
Process gas trap Standard feature
User interface PC/AT (Personal computer)
Module controller PLC
Electrical supply 3-phase 200VAC 50/60Hz 150A
P-N2 0.3~0.6MPa 10SLM
P-O2 0.3~0.6MPa 6SLM
N2 0.3~0.6MPa 65SLM
Compressed air 0.5~0.7MPa 15SLM
Cooling water 0.1~0.3MPa 5L/min
0.5MPa 5L/min
ALD Principle

ALD Principle

ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)

ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) proposed by T.Suntola, Finland in 1974.

ALD Reaction Model: Deposit film AB by alternate supply of reactant Ax and By

Dep.Oxide Film
  • a) Supply Precursor: Reaction between reactant Ax and Substate (Self-Limited)
  • b) Purge: Purge excessive Ax by inert gas
  • c) Supply Oxidant: Reaction of oxidant By with Ax.
  • d) Purge: Purge excessive By and by-product xy.
a)-d); Complete 1 cycle of ALD Process for 1 atomic layer of AB
Superior Step Coverage

By the self-limiting function of surface reaction on a wafer, AFALD ensures superior step coverage.

▲ Cross-sectional SEM image ※Au film on ALD-Al2O3 thin-film surface

Thickness can be controlled at the atomic level by the number of ALD cycles.

▲ Relation Between the Number of ALD Cycles and Film Thickness ※Data obtained on MPAD-40s

Excellent electrical properties

By using plasma enhancement, high break down voltage and low leak current property can be achieved even at lower temperature

Superior water vapor barrier property

In comparison with CVD, etc., a thinner film can achieve the equivalent water vapor barrier property.

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