Towards a prosperous future

JSW AFTY is working towards bringing the technological resources and latent capabilities we have developed and accumulated up until now to fruition. We are also focusing on improvements in these resources and the development of new technologies, to bring about a prosperous future for our customers, us, and society through these efforts.

Company History

Since AFTY Corporation, the predecessor of our company, it continued to develop on the base of ECR plasma deposition technology as the NTT Group company.
From September 2007, it started operation as a member of Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding (MES) Group, and the semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing equipment businesses of the MES Group that they had developed for each of their own products were incorporated into our businesses.
On April 2014, we make a new start as a member of the Japan Steel Works Group. It strengthens consistent services from development to manufacture, sales, and after-sales service, and we contribute to the creation of greater value for our customers.


May 1989, founded as AFTY Corporation, in Gotanda, Toyko (shareholders: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and Nippon Steel Corporation)


November 1992 – Moved Headquarters (to Musashino City, Tokyo)

October 1998 – Changed company name to NTT AFTY Corporation (with capital participation by NTT Electronics)


March 2000 – Moved company premises (to Mitaka City, Tokyo)

October 2001 – Subsidiary established (NTT AFTY Engineering)

March 2005 – Moved Headquarters (to Hachioji City, Tokyo)

August 2007 – Shareholders changed from NTT group to Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Mitsui Electronics Inc. Operations include manufacturing, sales operations, testing, installation work, repair, inspection, service supplies provision, second-hand equipment brokering, and incidental work.

September 2007 – Company name changed to MES AFTY Corporation

December 2009 – Acquired Clean Mechatronics Department of Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in absorption-type split, established AFTY Tamano


February 2010 – Absorption-type split of part of Gasonic Funding: 475 million yen

February 2014 – Established JSW AFTY Corporation

April 2014 – Acquisition of businesses of manufacture, sales and after-sales service of ECR Plasma Deposition Systems, ALD Systems and Aneal Systems from MES AFTY Corporation.

Company information

Company name JSW AFTY Corporation
Location 2-35-2 Hyoe, Hachioji City, Tokyo, 192-0918 Japan
TEL. 042-632-8840 FAX. 042-632-8841
URL http://www.jsw-afty.co.jp
Representative President: Goro Ueno
Date of foundation Feb 20, 2014
Capital 100 million yen
Business outline Work on the design, manufacture, sales, testing, installation, repair, and inspection of various systems to which the pioneering technologies of nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, and mechatronics are applied. We also supply service parts, broker second-hand equipment, and perform work that is incidental to those operations.
Shareholders The Japan Steel Works, LTD.
Business description Manufacture, sales operations, testing, installation work, repairs, inspections, service parts supply, second-hand equipment brokerage, and incidental work.

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